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The Project

The Beginning
The Beginning(2 Articles )
How it all looked to start
  • The Existing Building
    We bought our house in Mouy in late April 2010. The house itself had been rather neglected for a couple of years so needed a fair bit of work including the replacement of a couple of bathrooms and rewiring.

    The stable block in the garden was in a pretty poor state and wa ...     more ...
  • The Interior of the building
    The building was being used as a storage area for various things; garden tools, scaffolding, motorbikes and the like. Upstairs was fairly clear, although we could see that the supports for the roof were fairly rotten and they'd need to be replaced. The stairs were very unev ...     more ...
Preparing(2 Articles )
Getting the insides ready
  • Digging
    First task was to lay the cables for water and electricity over to the building. We were also in the process of attaching the main house to the mains drainage so we were able to connect up the drains at the same time.

    This presented us with our first problem as it was ...     more ...
  • Laying the floor
    The floor of the building was a very thin layer of concrete laid directly onto the bare earth. In order to provide insulation against both water and the cold we laid a thick insulating layer of polystyrene followed by a strengthening grid and then concrete.

    This had the ...     more ...
The Outside
The Outside(5 Articles )
The walls, roof and windows
  • The Roof
    Replacing the roof was one of the major tasks of the build. Our original plan had been to replace the roof on the whole length of the building, but unfortunately after some of our other quotes had come in over estimate we lacked the funds to be able to do it all.

    The ori ...     more ...
  • The Rear Wall
    Our first major hiccup occured with the rear wall of the building. It was first brought to our attention by a note in our planning permission which stated that we must attend to the state of the rear wall. The building backs on to land owned by the CMPP (Centre Médico Psy ...     more ...
  • Windows
    All of the windows had to be replaced of course but we were keen to retain the openings as they were originally. Of course this meant that we had to have the windows custom-made as they just don't make them like that anymore!

    We also decided to keep the window frames mad ...     more ...
  • Outside Spaces
    The Gîte benefits from a covered games room and its own section of the garden. During construction this 'games room' was used as a storage area for the builders, as well as a place to retreat if the weather wasn't good enough to work outside. With a table and chairs in th ...     more ...
  • The front of the Gîte
    The outside (front) of the gîte was in a pretty good state. Apart from having to replace the windows and doors we've done little to the facade itself. Because we've raised the floor of the gîte however we have had to do a lot to the pathway.

    We've raised the outside b ...     more ...
The Interior
The Interior(5 Articles )
Fitting out the interior
  • Downstairs Walls & Ceiling
    With the floor laid and cabling in place the walls could be drylined and the ceiling could be put into place. We did consider the possibility of trying to keep the walls visible to add some character to the interior but because of the age of the stone, and the fact that the ...     more ...
  • Upstairs Walls & Ceiling
    Once the downstairs walls were complete it was time to move upstairs and get the walls and ceiling in there. We were very lucky to have some beautiful beams in the roof which we were keen to leave displayed. However when I managed to get upstairs shortly before the ceiling ...     more ...
  • Painting & Flooring
    With all the 'building' complete February saw the first coats of paint go on the walls upstairs and downstairs. We've gone for white as it will make the most of the light in the building, and it will allow to add 'accents' of colour with decorations.

    With painting comple ...     more ...
  • Kitchen and Electrics
    The space for the kitchen was clearly defined when the walls went up. It wasn't until late April 2011 that the first cabinets went in and it was then a rush to get out and buy all the equipment for it. We've gone for solid wood doors and worktops to keep the rustic feeling ...     more ...
  • Staircase
    We had to add stairs to the gîte as this part of the original building didn't have any stairs at all. Originally there were stairs in the games room (you can still see the mark on the wall) and then you could go through upstairs from one part to the other.

    With the ceil ...     more ...
Furnishing(1 Article )
The fun bit!
  • The final phase
    The builders finished around 4 months late (don't they always?) at the beginning of June. From then on it was a case of ordering all of the furnishings and fixtures as well as all the electrical items for the kitchen etc. We sourced much of the furniture in England (includ ...     more ...