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We moved to France in 2001 having fallen in love with it during our holidays. We found our current home in 2010 and moved in on the Friday, with the work starting on converting one of our outbuildings starting the following Monday! It has been a labour of love and we are very proud that we have kept the character of the original building whilst making everything modern and up to date. We welcome pets and we have a dog, Suki, and three cats - Gracie, Twixie and Pamba - who all found us here! They all love company and will happily sit with you and follow you around the garden. You'll normally see their faces at the door when you get up in the morning, waiting for a fuss! We can also keep Suki away from you if you'd rather - she's used to it!


This is who we are



Chief licker
We rescued Suki from an animal sanctuary in Romania in February 2022 and she's now a part of the family. She'll be very excited to meet you but then soon calms down and loves company

Vanessa Powell

Gîte owner
Vanessa was born in Africa so still enjoys as much heat as possible! She is a qualified TEFL English teacher as well as a mum to two grown up children, one of which still lives at home, the other in the UK
Adrian and Vanessa in Mello

Adrian Powell

Gîte Owner
Adrian used to work in the UK and had to travel extensively but now he get's to stay at home in between holidays. He's also responsible for the gardening and the website (in that order)
Gracie the cat


Senior Cat
We found Gracie cowering on the road outside when she was just a few weeks old. She still has problems with her legs so can't jump but she does love a fuss
Twixie cat


Fluffy Cat
Twixie was born to a stray cat in the house opposite and we adopted her in 2013. She loves affection but only on her own terms. Never touch her tummy!
Pamba cat


Junior Cat
Pamba appeared half way up the wall in the gite garden, stuck. We tried to find her original owners but with no luck so she stayed. She's a scamp


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